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Vancouver_Nights: The Battle of the Bands

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Screenplay Showcase
Screenplay Title Logline Synopsis
Asgard, the Planet of the Gods
Asgard 5 Science Fiction Series

Asgard - Escape From Asgard Asgard - Resurrection of the Gods Asgard - Saga of the Midgard Serpent Asgard - The Battle of all Battles
Asgard, The Planet of the Gods is the first of a five science fiction screenplay series. This is the real story of the mythological Nordic gods, who came to Earth from the 5th planet of Asgard before it was destroyed.

GrinOlsson's Asgard Science Fiction Series Book Collection is available!

The Planet of the Gods

Escape From Asgard

Resurrection of the Gods

Saga of the Midgard Serpent

The Battle of all Battles
Kruzin' with the Roos'
Kruzin' with the Roos'
A hilarious comedy about how Black Jack and Moofy Morrison coming before Judge Hang Em' High Hilda, a judge who has never found a man innocent in 20 years, but she makes deals. Black Jack's is accused of Aiding and abetting the enemy for selling Kangaroo meat labeled as "Goat that hops" meat to the Afghanistanis. Moofy Morrison, the 109 year old wheel chair laden man has 8 beautiful college girls living with him and their parents want their daughters home. The judge is furious that these cases brought before her, may very well ruin her reputation by having her finally finding a man innocent! Synopsis

Seattle Blues
Seattle Blues
Magnus (Maggie) Magnusson, a handsome, long blond haired, awkward, sometimes clumsy, well dressed Seattle private eye, along with his three beautiful under-cover girls takes on all cases in a suspenseful arena of clients and their problems. One Hour Television Pilot Series. Synopsis

Hawaiian Thunder Screenplay
Hawaiian Thunder
The last British vampire is killed with his remains entombed in locked trunk, which is to be caste out of a British sailing ship and into the ocean depths. The vampire remains are that of the infamous Count Vald Dracula Tepes who abruptly is resurrected on the shores the Hawaiian Islands, when the trunk breaks open as it crashes against the beach rocks. Count Dracula creates a new lair on the cliffs of the Diamond Head crater, when suddenly the ancient Hawaiian Gods challenge his very existence in their domain. Synopsis

The Nights of Nicaragua
The Nights of Nicaragua
A hilarious romantic musical comedy about a poverty stricken Nicaragua boy, Freddy Molina whose dream to create a Spanish hard rock Saxophone band comes true when the Catholic Church sponsors him to attend the Performing Arts College under the direction of two American music teachers. Synopsis


Alaska Gulag
Alaska Gulag
Alaska Gulag is a suspenseful thriller of horror when the F.B.I. determines that there is an Alaska serial killer on the loose mutilating and murdering law enforcement officials. They send two of their Agents up to infiltrate the State Troopers because they have reason to believe the murderer or murderers are law enforcement officials, themselves. When their Agents mysteriously disappear on assignment, the F.B.I. goes looking for them and what they find is shocking horror. The author used seven actual cases in the screenplay to display the intensity of police state extremism and what that could create. And, what it creates in this screenplay will boggle your mind and keep you on the edge of your seat until you finish the review. Synopsis

The Christophe Rocancourt Affair
The Christophe Rocancourt Affair
�The Christophe Rocancourt Affair� is an original three part series screenplay based upon the events in Canada that led to the "Counterfeit Rockefeller's" capture after swindling millions of dollars from his victims. The three part series is based upon and substantiated by personal interviews, news accounts, (information received during the government publication ban) police investigative reports, and Crown transcripts from actual Canadian court proceedings. The screenplay is divided into a 3 part series as follows:
1. The Swindle 2. The Capture 3. The Canadian Defense.
GrinOlsson, as a screenwriter had the exclusive on this story while in Canada.


The Gwitchen Trilogy
The Quest of the little people named, the Gwitchen is a three story trilogy leading from the "Old World" to the "New World" to find their land of Peace. The story titles are "The Little People Named, the Gwitchen, The Second Gwitchen Journey, and The Gwitchen Struggle for Peace" which can be found in the book, GrinOlsson's Fairytales. Illustrations can be found on this website. Fantastic potential for a chidren's animation cartoon series. Synopsis


President Jefferson
President Jefferson
The story of President Jefferson's decision, after reading the Qur'an (Koran) to use gunboat diplomacy against the Islamic Barbary Pirates. Synopsis
The House of Saud
The House of Saud
The Saudi Arabian Royal family uses governmental friendships to deceptively infiltrate the U.S. Presidency in "treasonable alliances" with the future intent to destroy America from within, by having America bring Sunni "Wahabi" Islamic teachers and refugees into the country an 5th column to expedite mass Islamic population transfers by creating a Middle East war by dastardly attacking the United States on 09/11/2001 and advising the U.S. Presidency to attack Iraq in exchange for $1.5 billion dollars in contracts to him and associates after he leaves office. Synopsis
Zhukov, the Russian Hero
Zhukov, The Russian Hero
An epic World War 2 screenplay about Russian General Georgy Zhukov who played the most pivotal role in leading the Red Army to victory over Nazi Germany. Synopsis
GrinOlsson's Other Scripts Please visit GrinOlsson's Screenplays For Sale page to review other available synopsis and completed motion picture scripts. Other Screenplays
Matthew Vaughan
Matthew Vaughn, Alex Sandford, and GrinOlsson
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